Artist Statement

My creatures are beings born of trauma. They are an exploration of internal and external worlds; ghosts made solid that haunt the ruins of broken bodies. They express both the acute physical pain of bodily trauma and transformation, and the ongoing pain associated with feeling broken, out of place, no longer belonging.

Inhabiting twilight forms, they are silent and creaturely beings that belong nowhere, existing in a crux of metamorphosis: a place between what was and will be, between self and other. Yet in their marginal states, born from trauma and the damaged body, they also express a tentative hope, teetering on hopelessness, for regeneration; for the chance to be whole again.



1 thought on “Artist Statement

  1. Your work is incredibly evocative and human. Especially those that have the carpet, for some reason it’s a resonant object. Your sculptures reminds me of the work of Berlinde de Bruyckere I hope you’re getting the success you deserve.

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