Claire Marsh is an artist living and working from her boat somewhere in the world. She originally hails from Adelaide, South Australia and is currently 29 years old. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, Claire works in both two and three dimensions, film, animation, installation and more recently has begun exploring sound work as part of the ensō collective with musician Luke Marsh.

Claire completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours in 2011, and was humbled to be the recipient of the Tracy Whiting Award for most outstanding graduate of that year, as well as being selected to exhibit in the National Graduate Exhibition in WA. She has recently had work exhibited as part of the Adelaide Film Festival and Fringe Digital Playground.

After a traumatic accident at the age of 18 that has left her with partial paralysis, Claire’s work has explored themes of metamorphosis, points of transience, belonging and duality. With strong links to both trauma and fantasy, Claire draws inspiration from classical mythology, fairy tales, the grotesque, science fiction, and the natural world, using loaded and sensual materials such as fur, hair and beeswax.

As of early 2017 Claire moved onto a sailing catamaran with her husband. She hopes this will be an opportunity to expand her art practice to incorporate more media, video work and draw inspiration from the ocean and different landscapes, animals and people she meets along the way. You can follow Claire’s travels at:



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