Sailing Aedis Episode 10: Sleep talking at sea

Join us for the magical (strange) combination of 3 nights at sea, lack of sleep, and a full moon… as we sail from Almerimar to Mallorca to pick up out very first blige rats.. errrr… crew members…

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xx Claire and Brenton

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Aeolian Islands

I’ve finally had some time to stop, relax and do some proper sketching and drawing recently on board Aedis. Up until recently we have been sailing our bums off trying to get out of the Schengen zone (the Montenegrin coast) so we don’t outstay our visas (as an Australian citizen you can stay 90 days in any 180 day period). This has meant life has been sailing night and day with some brief reprieves to sleep and maybe edit some videos. On our way past Sicily we had a couple of friends visit us for a few days, so we decided to make the most of it and visit the beautiful and dramatic Aeolian Islands (north of Sicily). Unfortunately we didn’t have time to see them all (I would have loved to spend 3 weeks pottering about) but the islands we did see were unbelievable: Filicudi had the most incredible sea cavern that was like a small lake inside a cliff, Stromboli is an active volcano that could be seen spouting ash during the day and a spectacular orange light during the night (plus the most beautiful little town nestled at the base with dramatic black beaches), and Panarea was a glory of light hitting rock formations amongst crystal clear water (with bonus amazing cacti growing in improbable places). Hopefully one day I’ll be able to come back to these islands and spend A LOT more time… and if I ever decide to live back on land, Stromboli is right up there on my list with a beautiful artist community, lots of cats, and the cutest houses amongst the greenery.

Sailing Aedis Episode 07: around the corner…

Episode 7: we leave A Coruna to it’s cruise ships and head around the North-west corner of Spain to check out the lovely back-streets of Baiona…

Watch Episode 07 here 🙂    Enjoy! xx

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Sailing Aedis Episode 06 Bay of Biscay pigeon delivery service

Join us for episode 6 as we embark on our 400 nautical mile maiden voyage across the notorious waters of the Bay of Biscay, just the two of us! We encounter some challenges of the boat type, the psychological type, and the vomitey type… and find out how we became the Bay of Biscay pigeon delivery service 😉

xxx Claire and Brenton

PS I know we are calling it a pigeon, but if anyone could tell me what type of bird it is that visited us in this episode that would be great!

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