“Labyrinth” now showing as part of the Fringe Festival Digital Playground

The 6 sided interactive film work “Labyrinth” that Gilbert Kemp Attrill and I have been creating (along with a talented group of crew) is finally live at the State Library Digital Playground! Intrigued? You should be… go have a look! it’s free and showing for the whole fringe festival 🙂


Have a look at the:

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Adelaide Fringe Website

State Library of South Australia 
12 February – 13 March
(12 February –  Google Cube only)
Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 8pm
Thursday & Friday, 10am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 5pm

**Opening on 12 February will feature only the Google Cube portion of the exhibition, the other sections will follow from 13 February**

Come play at Adelaide Fringe’s first ever Digital Playground!

With virtual reality headsets and the amazing Cube by Google’s Creative Lab, bring to life a six sided story or be transported to different worlds in this digital playground made real.

In a first for Australia, Adelaide Fringe and Google Australia are supporting visual artists to make a work for The Cube with Adelaide based Gilbert Kemp Attrill and Claire Marsh making a new screen based work premiering at Digital Playground.

Enter the world of virtual reality and 6-sided moving image at the State Library of SA. This special exhibition event features works by Australian and international artists especially created to experience on virtual reality headsets and the Google Cube.

Be transported to different worlds and different spaces in a curated VR program by Melbourne creative company VRTOV (Oscar Raby, Katy Morrison and Jess Linington) and experience sensational animated worlds designed by Adelaide’s own Novus Res and 360 video by Jumpgate.

Adelaide Fringe is delighted to team up with Google’s Creative Lab to present a moving image work for the Google Cube. The Cube is an experimental form for interactive storytelling and allows filmmakers, musicians, artists and other creatives to make interactive films where the viewer controls the narrative structure.



“Hive” now showing at the Adelaide Film Festival!


Australia | 1 mins | 2012
TAGS Mayhem

Screens in as part of the Mayhem Installation Program

Ovid’s classic Metamorphoses begins with the statement: “My purpose is to tell of bodies which have been transformed into shapes of a different kind.” A similar purpose emerges within Hive.

Hive is an exploration of metamorphosis and thresholds. Ingestion and regurgitation. The uncanny feeling of loosing one’s way. An observation of an otherworldly traversing of thresholds at once familiar and alien. Transformation and bodily ambiguity are a way of expressing, exploring, and possibly accepting those things we feel do not belong, are not quite right.

Bees are beings born of metamorphosis: an exploration of internal and external worlds; ghosts made solid that haunt the ruins of a broken body, but are somehow also hopeful and belonging. This is their home, their hive.

DIRECTOR Claire Marsh

Screens with: Creating the Spectacle!The Flickering Darkness (Revisted)

Mayhem Installation Program

20 mins |

A Month of Mayhem unleashes screenings, exhibitions, performances, seminars and workshops for Deaf and Disabled artists and audiences. This is the largest, most significant program of its kind ever to be held in Australia.

ADL Film Fest is thrilled to present works including shorts, animations, installations and outdoor projections made by Deaf and Disabled artists and filmmakers. These inventive and unapologetic works will change your preconceptions.

The Mayhem Installation Program runs in the State Library of South Australia Main Foyer during opening hours.