Sailing Aedis Episode 15: French champagne in Sicilian Caves

Ok guys, got some extra gear in this one to make up for the late release! Want to see the BEST CAVE EVER? Ever wondered what it’s REALLY like to be on board Aedis? How about some hypnotic David Attenborough-esque jellyfish footage? Well if any of those take your fancy make sure you take a look at Episode 15 where we get pretty involved with a spectacular cave on the island of Filicudi, and stay tuned at the end for some extended behind the scenes footage on Aedis!

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Big cave hugs, Claire and Brenton xx

Sailing Aedis Episode 13: In search of a lost underwater city (that I definitely did not make up)

In this episode we continue around the south of Sardinia and stop to anchor in the archeological site of Nora, an ancient Phoenician city that dates back to Roman times. This city was partially submerged during an earthquake, so armed with our dinghy and snorkels, we went in search of some underwater ruins…

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Big intrepid archaeological hugs from Claire and Brenton xx

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